I teach private and public classes all around the island. Primarily I teach in english but also instruct classes in German and/or Spanish.

Through private Yoga classes, you have the chance to dive deeper into your practice or as a beginner, start to find your personal practice. For many people it is also a beautiful way to calm the mind or improve their physical posture.
Private classes are highly recommended to everyone. Especially to those who are recovering or working with an injury or starting out with Yoga wishing to have a more detailed knowledge of the practice. These classes can be held either one on one or in private groups at a preferred location of your choice.

For a public class, please feel very welcome to join us during the hours below. Note that the schedule is subject to change. If you wish to have a more detailed schedule, you can follow me on social media, where I update my classes on a daily basis or, send me an e-mail.


  • 09:30am Earth Yoga Portals
  • 18:30pm Earth Yoga Palma


  • 19:00pm Palma Sport& Tennis Club


  • 18:30pm Palma Sport& Tennis Club


  • 10:30am Earth Yoga Palma


  • 11:30am Palma Sport& Tennis Club