Meet Danaë Borsani

“Yoga is the journey from the self, through the self, to the self.” -Bhagavad Gita

In 2005 I began my journey into the world of Yoga and there was no turning back.
Having been born and diagnosed with a retinoblastoma, that resulted in the loss of my left eye, I often found it difficult to come to terms with the fact that I was ‘different’. As I grew through puberty, Yoga started to play a large role in my ability to blossom and helped strengthen my physical and mental adeptness.
As the shift in mindset came to light, what was once a hobby developed into a lifestyle and passion. Yoga suddenly became a fundamental tool to me, for a deep and personal transformation.

In search of my calling, I chose to pick up my bags and set off traveling around the world although Yoga seemed to stay by my side and in my soul. This sent me spiraling into my first 200hr Teacher Training Course.
I found myself delving into yet another 200hr course the following year. This time in the great atmosphere of Yoga Works Studios in Santa Monica – Los Angeles.

Fueled by the influx of new knowledge and conviction, I dedicated myself into becoming a full time Yoga Teacher on my home Island of Mallorca where I  started teaching, with integrity and enthusiasm, passionate to share the ancient wisdom.

The more I taught the more I desired to broaden my knowledge to encompass not only what appears on the surface but, to concentrate on the subtle layers within. This interest lead me to my 300hr Teacher Training lead by Jeanne Heilmann, who is the founder of Tantra Flow Yoga. With her profound knowledge and guiding hand, I delved deeper into the practice and fulfilled the requirements for my 500hr qualification with Yoga Alliance.


Through the 300hr Tantra Flow Yoga, that according to Jeanne “uses the knowledge of Ayurveda to develop a practice that is suitable to the students at that time of the day, season, region, and in alignment with the dosha (constitution) group.”; I developed a fascination with the Ayurvedic teachings.
This highlights the importance of Ayurveda in both my teaching and everyday life and it brings me to the South of India nearly every year. Here I am in the process of completing a three staged course in the path of Ayurveda.

Having been brought up with the ocean by my side, it has always given me a feeling of natural connectivity to the planet, a feeling that informs my life and my teaching.
As I continue to teach and learn, I endeavour to guide my students to connect to their inner self and explore the power of Yoga. My passion lies within teaching intuitively from personal experience, integrating both classical and modern Yoga.

Sunshine and warmth. Clean beaches. Turquoise oceans. Mangos, coconuts and matcha latte’s. Long haul flights. Tropical jungles. Long dresses. Avocados and olive trees. Sunflowers. Sailing. Binge watching Grey’s Anatomy. Pranayama. A deep, long and heartfelt laugh, Cadbury’s mini eggs. Tea tree oil. Bamboo and hemp. Mustard seeds. Tonka beans. Green tea. My mother’s jumpers. Waking up to a clean kitchen. Sleeping in a car, on trains, buses, flights, boats or on any other travel medium. Reducing the usage of plastic. Coffee with cinnamon and oat milk. Dancing until sunrise in the local bar Garito and a traditional spanish pa amb oli. Paulo Coelho books. Elizabeth Gilbert and Gabby Bernstein. Birkenstock. Surya Namaskar A. Sesame oil and coconut oil abhyanga. Deva Premal. Rosehip oil. Any type of ‘to do’ list. Clean houses. Warm water with lime. My cats, my family, my friends, my partner and YOU.

PLACES I LOVEUntitled Design
Portugal- Cascais, Lisbon’s pastries, the Barrio Alto and it’s old quarter- Alfama.
Italy- It’s food and the temperament of the Italians. Ftira in Malta.France- the beauty of Paris. Germany-Berlin’s hipster scene. Netherlands- The dutch people and apple pie at Winkel 43 in Amsterdam. Sri Lanka- Everything about Sir Lanka. Vietnam- Coffee in the Thao Dien district in Ho Chi Minh, the chaos in Hanoi and the magic of Hoi An. Southern India’s hilltops. Bali and coconuts in Thailand. United States- The Santa Monica vibe and sunsets on Venice beach, New York-New York and Hawaii’s lush nature, waterfalls and surf. Panama- Ceviche in the Casco Viejo in panama city, tropical Islas San Blas and adventurous Bocas del Toro. Argentina- Eating lunch in Buenos Aires with street musicians, Palermo quarter and flea markets in San Telmo. Brazil- Santa Teresa and sea food in Rio de Janeiro. Last, but not least, Mallorca – HOME