Meet Me

Meet Danaë Borsani

 It’s all about re-connecting, trusting the process, healing from within and a glass of good quality wine.

My road. Where I come from. Where I am going.

My passion for Yoga began in my early teens, when Yoga started to play a larger role in my ability to blossom. It helped strengthen my physical and mental adeptness and became a fundamental tool to me for a deep and personal transformation.

By the age of eighteen, I dove into the studies of Yoga to gradually work my way up to the necessary requirements to be certified as a 500hr Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher (ERYT).

My curiosity guided me to study with recognised Yoga Teachers and practice various styles of Yoga in different parts of the world. Filled with passion, in-depth understanding and knowledge, I found my way back to the paradise island of Mallorca that I call home and have been teaching Vinyasa Yoga and Meditation ever since.

Having been brought up with the ocean by my side, it has always given me a feeling of natural connectivity to mother Earth – a feeling that inspires my life and my teachings every day.

Teaching Yoga fills my life with enriching experiences. It has and continues to take me across the globe to teach at festivals, host retreats and carry out workshops. I am passionate in coaching from a sincere, genuine and humble place with a focus on detailed alignment, creative and safe sequencing providing a balance of the ancient teachings and the modern day practice. The Art of Yoga is never fully accomplished and I believe that it takes time, patience, practice and discipline to keep growing.

I have also come to realise that the greatest teachers of all are my students. It is only through them that I have the honour to learn how to adapt my knowledge to the individual and pinpoint the needs of a person to make these practices accessible for absolutely everyone.

My passion lies within teaching intuitively from personal experience integrating both classical and modern Yoga.



Sunshine and warmth. Clean beaches. Mangos, coconuts and matcha lattes. Travelling at sunrise. Tropical jungles. Long dresses. Avocados and olive trees. Sunflowers. Sailing. Binge watching Grey’s Anatomy, Sex Education Working Mom’s or Good Girls. Pranayama. A deep, long and heartfelt laugh, Cadbury’s mini eggs. Tea tree oil. Bamboo and hemp. Mustard seeds. Tonka beans. Green tea. My mother’s jumpers. Waking up to a clean kitchen. Sleeping in a car, on trains, buses, flights, boats or on any other travel medium. Reducing the usage of plastic. Coffee with cinnamon and oat milk. Dancing until sunrise in the local bar Garito. A traditional spanish pa amb oli. Paulo Coelho books. Elizabeth Gilbert and Gabby Bernstein. Birkenstock. Surya Namaskar A. Sesame oil and coconut oil abhyanga. Deva Premal. Rosehip oil. Ticking off any type of ‘to do’ list. Warm water with lime. Dōterra. My community.

Places I love.

Portugal- The train to Cascais, Lisbon’s pastries and the Barrio Alto overlooking the town.
Italy- Mouthwatering food in every corner, love and the passion of the Italians. F-tira in Malta- when the olive oil drips through the crunchy ciabatta bread onto your hands. France- the charm of Montmartre, with an overpriced coffee and the Laissez faire attitude on the south coast- living like there is no ‘demain’ – tomorrow. Germany- Berlin’s melting pot and where absolutely nothing surprises you anymore. It as all already been seen, done and/or heard. Netherlands- The home made apple pie at Winkel 43 in Amsterdam. Sri Lanka- Eating samosas out of bags that once were children’s homework and the train rides- oh the train rides ! Vietnam- Driving a motorbike from north to south is suicidal but drinking Coffee in the Thao Dien district in Ho Chi Minh and watching the chaos in Hanoi is so worth it. Southern India’s hilltops and the smell of spices and coconut oil tingling in your nostrils. Bali’s healing energy, her expat community and eating the most delicious pad Thai on the side of the road in Thailand. United States- The Santa Monica yoga vibe and sunsets on Venice beach. New York-New York – the famous concrete jungle lives up to its name and Hawaii’s impeccable hiking trails and surf. Panama- Ceviche in the Casco Viejo on the second street stand with an extra lemon squeeze, tropical Islas San Blas and enticing Bocas del Toro. Argentina- The charming street musicians and local markets in San Telmo. Brazil- Eating moqueca in Rio de Janeiro and watching beautiful humans in very small- almost non existent- bikinis. Seychelles- You have not seen real life until you dive into the depths of the -literally- breathtaking waters. Mama Africa- Watching sunset in the wilderness of South Africa, the sound of a lions roar and the grounding force of your feet touching Mama A’s soil. They say it’s the place where we all came from and although I can’t confirm that, it is definitely the place where I left my heart last and hopefully return to soon.

As you start to walk on the way, the way appears.


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